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Hosfeld & Associates is a transformational consulting firm that works at the intersection of strategy, leadership and marketing. We join with a community of other consultants that recognize new forms of organization are arising that have the power to positively reshape our economy and society.

As a result, our approach to strategy, marketing and leadership is markedly different than the traditional agency or strategy firm.

Unlike other firms that focus on short-term programs, we focus on strategic transformation with long-term impact.  Through our work clients create an adaptive framework that allows them evolve profitably over time to meet changing market conditions, while retaining their brand equity and market identity.

Unlocking this source of sustainable advantage takes both left-brain and right-brain processes, both head and heart. We create and facilitate team-based strategy design processes that intensify focus on priorities, align and engage stakeholders, and build strategic capacity within and across lines of business.  We create energizing and inspirational organizational events that open new insights and create the conditions for innovation and breakthrough.

In this blog, the owner of Hosfeld & Associates, Kathleen Hosfeld, and her associates, write about the factors that drive transformation: purpose, strategy, stakeholders, dialogue, shared value, change management and leadership.

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We welcome comments and discussions about the ideas posted here. We expect contributors to be respectful to the authors and others, to contribute value to the discussion, and to use their real name.  We reserve the right to delete comments of those who don’t follow these rules.